Heavenly, Northstar resorts start pumping out snow as Tahoe ski season approaches

Don’t let the warm weather throughout Northern California fool you; it’s November, and that means Tahoe’s ski and snowboard season is fast approaching.

Two popular Tahoe-area ski resorts revved up the snowguns this week. Heavenly started pumping out snow Monday and Northstar did so on Tuesday, in preparation for opening day later this month, according to a news release.

Those two Vail Resorts-run spots will open Nov. 16, and a bit farther south, Kirkwood will open Nov. 21.

Vail’s “best of Tahoe” season passes are up for sale now through Nov. 18.

The resorts are using new, energy-efficient snowguns to pack snow onto the slopes this year, according to the release, which will help prep the hills by opening day.

A ski trip may sound appealing given unseasonable heat to start the month. Sacramento will see high temperatures in the low 80s stick around through the weekend. A high-pressure system is bumping high temperatures across Northern California anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above normal for the start of November, the National Weather Service said.

Even South Lake Tahoe’s predicted afternoon high of 63 on Thursday is 7 degrees above normal for Nov. 1, according to NWS.