Fat tire bikes may look silly, but they’re fun to ride in winter and summer months

When you see someone riding a fat tire bike, it's hard not to do a double take. The cartoonishly large tires look so out of place on a standard bike frame that you have to think someone is pulling a prank. Yet these bikes that were initially designed for riding through the snow have become, while perhaps not yet familiar, certainly visible on trails year-round in most parts of the country. Why? They're just fun to ride, whether in snow or on the rough trails in the summer months. You get more traction and grip over rough terrain without giving up much in efficiency.

Hunting Fishing

Dennis Anderson: Out ice fishing together, alone, on the St. Croix

Early last Tuesday morning, Roy and Judy Holmquist drove onto the frozen St. Croix River hoping to put a few crappies in a bucket. These are lifelong anglers, the two of them, Judy having grown up in Litchfield, Minn., not far west of the Twin Cities, where as a kid she cast a line into Lake Ripley. Roy, meanwhile, lived as a boy in West Lakeland, hard by the shores of the St. Croix, whose siren call he hears in summer as well as winter.

Hear the relaxing sounds of Hidden Falls Regional Park

Hidden Falls Regional Park and trails were full of visitors on February 18, 2019. Hear the sound of the falls on this sunny winter day.