Dan Morain

A shakedown by any other name

Michael Peevey and Ron Calderon are very different. But they share certain similarities. Both allegedly sought payments, though on very different scales and for different reasons.

California Forum

How sex could save Japan

Survival was the topic of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s summit last week with President Barack Obama. It was not stated as such, but talks were about long-term economic and military survival for a Japan operating in a world of growing threats and rising powers. But in an odd twist, Japan’s survival has less to do with corporate boardrooms or defense operations centers and more to do with that surreptitious situation room: The bedroom.


Police need to get tough enough for transparency

Police abuse cases have made body cameras the go-to reform in cities across the nation. But the law enforcement resistance in California to tough, uniform rules doesn’t bode well. And it distracts from other important issues, such as data security and privacy.

Jack Ohman

‘Doonesbury,’ Trudeau, free-speech absolutists?

I doubt there are many readers of this newspaper who don’t have a fully-formed opinion about Garry Trudeau, the creator of the comic strip “Doonesbury.” After all, Trudeau was a major cultural voice of the 1970s, and was, at the time, doing groundbreaking work.

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