Bradshaw posts plea for pet adopters, fosters as shelter fills up: ‘We need your help’

Bradshaw Animal Shelter is overrun with animals again – with more coming in every day.

The shelter, 3839 Bradshaw Road, posted a plea on Facebook on Wednesday asking for the community’s help in alleviating the overcrowding.


Once again, we are short on space and more animals are coming in every day. We are asking our community to step up and choose to adopt, foster or at least share this post. We are particularly heavy on dogs right now, but we also have a lot of amazing cats (and a few great bunnies!)Adoption fees are just $25, cats are two for $25. Many of our animals are even sponsored!Please help us! Adopt, foster, share. There are so many ways to help!

Posted by Bradshaw Animal Shelter on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

“We are asking our community to step up and choose to adopt, foster or at least share,” the shelter said.

“We need your help,” the shelter said in a video.

“The shelter is beyond capacity. There is NO MORE ROOM,” said PB SOC, a group that trains, run playgroups and gives affection to large dogs at the shelter.


FREE ADOPTIONS!The shelter is beyond capacity. There is NO MORE ROOM. This isn't just "our" shelter. It is YOURS. The animals there are the responsibility of this community. Adopters or fosters are needed NOW. We have puppies, seniors, lap dogs and running buddies, dogs longing to be your one true love and others who will be instant best friends with your playful dog... Thanks to a couple sponsors, the next several adoptions are FREE when you participate in our online adoption counseling for approval. DON'T WAIT! Dogs need out! Go to for all the available dogs and submit your application today! If you can foster, email us ASAP at SOC offers meet and greets with your current dog and is always here for post adoption counseling and behavioral support, including in person training. PLEASE make a difference for a shelter dog and for the shelter. Adopt today!PLEASE SHARE!#pbsoc #wherealldogsmatter #findlove

Posted by PB SOC on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The shelter said it is particularly full of dogs of all ages, colors and energy levels, but there are also plenty of cats and even bunnies.

When the shelter was “extremely full” at the beginning of this month, it cited three main problems as the cause: People viewing pets as disposable; pets lacking microchips or not being confined effectively; a lack of spaying and neutering, which increases the population of animals without homes.

You can adopt an animal for $25 (normal adoption fees are $100-plus), and cats are two for $25. Quite a few of the animals’ adoption fees are sponsored, so they are free to bring home.

Find all adoptable animals here.

Find a list of large dogs with descriptions, pictures and videos here.

Find fostering information here.

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