‘It’s a holiday miracle’: Sacramento SPCA’s puppy with swimmer syndrome walking, romping

The Sacramento SPCA has witnessed “a holiday miracle,” the groups says.

After just three weeks, Duckie, the about 7-week-old Labrador puppy with swimmer syndrome, is now romping around and walking.

Swimmer syndrome is used to describe a puppy who paddles its legs “much like a turtle” and can’t stand, according to The Mia Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps animals with birth defects. This is normally due to weak rear leg muscles.

Originally, the SPCA posted that Duckie would need “several weeks of therapy and love before we can help him take his first steps,” the SPCA said on Facebook. The expected him to be fostered for about two months.

He’s far exceeded expectations.

Within a week he had taken his first steps, thanks to his love of tug.

Now, in the SPCA’s latest video posted to Facebook Wednesday, he’s romping around.

He’s still a bit wobbly and has bowed legs, but his progress is remarkable.

“We’ll let you know when he’s ready to start looking for his new home!” the SPCA posted of Facebook.

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