‘We aren’t giving up yet!’: Kitten found dangling on fence healing at Sacramento SPCA

Injured kitten makes strides towards walking at Sacramento SPCA

Furiosa was brought to the Sacramento SPCA Jan. 16 with two injured back legs.
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Furiosa was brought to the Sacramento SPCA Jan. 16 with two injured back legs.

It seems Furiosa is making a furious recovery.

The young kitten found hanging upside-down on a chain-link fence is now able to bear weight on one of her hind legs, according to a post on the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page.

When the kitten was brought to the SPCA on Jan. 16, she couldn’t walk normally because one of her hind legs was severely injured with a deep laceration, and she rubbed raw and mangled her paws in attempts to escape, Sarah Varanini, public relations and social media specialist with the Sacramento SPCA, told The Bee last week.

“After about two weeks of medication, water therapy and treatment, she is able to bear weight on one leg!” Thursday’s Facebook post read. “Unfortunately, the other is not showing very much improvement, but we aren’t giving up yet! We’ve started a new regimen of splints and therapy in the hopes of saving both legs.”

She was given the name Furiosa (the name of a heroine in “Mad Max” with a robotic arm), or Furi for short. The kitten began living in a foster home after starting antibiotics, but is not quite ready for adoption. Still, she’s enjoying her current surroundings, according to Facebook.

“Furi is enjoying her time in her foster home,” the post reads. “Her favorite pastimes include: watching movies in bed (“Mad Max: Fury Road” is her favorite), terrorizing the resident Schnauzer ... and being generally adorable at all times.”

The SPCA is accepting donations for Furi’s care. If you’d like to help, visit

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