Dog missing after Bay Area crash turns up 78 miles away in Sacramento shelter

A dog involved in a Bay Area car crash turned up in a Sacramento shelter a month ago. Now the dog, Princess, has been reunited with her owner in Berkeley.

The 7-year-old terrier was thrown from her owner’s car during a car crash in Berkeley and ran away. Princess somehow traveled all the way to Sacramento, a staggering 78 miles. On May 31, a local resident delivered Princess to the Front Street Shelter in Sacramento, according to the shelter’s spokesman Bobby Mann.

During the dog’s time at the shelter, she was a popular guest.

“She’s a super sweet dog,” Mann said. “She’s the type of dog who quickly bonded with anybody. So obviously her family took really good care of her.”

However, when she didn’t receive ample attention from potential adopters, she would start “screeching.”

“It essentially turned off new adopters because they said this dog was really loud,” Mann said. “It seemed like her family was looking for her, and she was giving them the time to find her.”

According to Mann, her owner had been actively browsing through shelter websites, and found the pooch’s picture on the Front Street Shelter site.

“The owner called and identified her dog, and we were very excited about that.”

She was returned to her owner last Wednesday.

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Candice Wang, from Yale, is a local news reporter for The Sacramento Bee interested in climate change, sustainability, socioeconomic inequality, and culture. She grew up in Connecticut.