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Is that sushi or ...? Man’s stomach-turning video at Roseville restaurant goes viral

A Blue Nami Sushi customer got more raw meat than he bargained for last week, and the result is going viral.

Steven Maurizzio’s video, which has more than 1 million views on Facebook since being posted July 27, shows a maggot crawling in and out of a lemon wedge at the restaurant’s Roseville location. (The video’s posted at the bottom for any squeamish readers.)

“Are you f---ing kidding me?” an unidentified woman says in the video. “What the hell? Oh my god, I’m literally never eating here again.”

Blue Nami’s Roseville manager resigned after the video surfaced, new manager Steve Lui said. Since it went viral, he and his staff have been double-checking all food items for possible contamination, he said.

The lemon wedge went out atop the customer’s water glass, Lui said.

“When we cut (the lemon), it was okay,” Lui said. “It’s our fault for not seeing it when it went out to the table, and then they took the video.”

Social media users near and far skewered the restaurant as Maurizzio’s post spread.

Blue Nami will offer unspecified promotions in the near future, Lui said. The Roseville restaurant opened in 2007 at 1465 Eureka Road, Suite 120, and sister locations exist in Orangevale and Folsom. Parent company Blue Nami Group also operates Paris Baguette Cafe on Howe Avenue in Sacramento.

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