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New Temple coffee shop coming to midtown Sacramento near Fremont Park

Midtown Sacramento is getting another Temple Coffee storefront in mid-July, when the cafe is set to open near Fremont Park.

Temple’s sixth coffee shop, at 1615 16th St., will open on the morning of July 20 with a nitro cold brew tap, four coffee brewers and an espresso machine, according to a news release issued by Temple Coffee Roasters.

The interior of the cafe, like all Temple coffee shops, was designed by owner Sean Kohmescher, who included white oak furniture, bamboo fixtures and a profusion of plant life.

“This space will have the most plant life of any Temple location,” Kohmescher said in a prepared statement. “The cafe’s interior complements the surrounding environment, mixing together the urban landscape with the serene qualities of Fremont Park.”

The coffee shop will feature prominent windows and a glass garage door to allow for natural light, and customers will be able to draw with chalk on slate panels, a nod to Fremont Park’s annual Chalk it Up festival.

In an interview with The Sacramento Bee, Temple Coffee Roasters’ creative director Vincent Sosa said the company’s storefronts have all been doing well and there is still a growing demand for artisanal “farm-to-cup” coffee, as opposed to second-wave corporate java.

Temple Coffee Roasters attributed its expansion to Sacramento’s recent growth and the influx of retail and residential tenants in the Fremont Park neighborhood.

“The area has become much more dense over the years, with new high-rises and businesses all around,” Kohmescher said in the news release. “Sacramento is not just ‘Sactown’ anymore, but a major city with a remarkable, passionate coffee community. We’re excited to grow along with the city that supported us from day one when we opened our first cafe almost fourteen years ago.”

The new Temple will open up alongside a Naked Lounge and a Starbucks cafe, which also surround Fremont Park.

There are already two Temple Coffee locations in midtown, one in downtown, one in Arden Arcade and one in nearby Davis. Its roasterie is located next to its S Street location.

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