Final tally: See how every Sacramento neighborhood voted in 2016 election

December 19, 2016

The ballots have been counted. The Electoral College cast its votes Monday ratifying Donald Trump's presidential win. And the Sacramento region's long streak of backing the national winner in presidential elections is over, according to final election returns.

Hillary Clinton received about 53 percent of the region's votes. Donald Trump received about 39 percent. The rest of the vote went to third party candidates.

Trump did significantly worse in the Sacramento region than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Trump won Placer and El Dorado counties, but with about 52 percent of the vote, compared to 58 percent support for Romney in 2012. Just one in four voters in Yolo County supported Trump, the lowest rate of support of any county in inland California. Clinton received about the same proportion of local votes as Barack Obama did in 2012.

Turnout rose slightly from 2012, with about 77 percent of registered voters casting ballots. Turnout was lowest in the urban core and places with relatively high poverty rates.

Other highlights from the election:

► About 72 percent of voters at the Thermalands Community Center north of Lincoln, in Placer County, voted for Trump, the highest support he received in the region, excluding precincts with fewer than 200 voters.

► About 86 percent of voters at the Davis Library in Yolo County voted for Clinton, the highest rate of support she received in the region.

► Voter turnout in the region was highest at the Club at Westpark, a retirement community in Roseville, where 96 percent of registered voters cast ballots. It was lowest at the Smythe Academy for 7th and 8th graders north of the railyards in downtown Sacramento, where about one third of registered voters cast ballots.

► Prop 64, the initiative to legalize marijuana, received support from about 53 percent of the region's residents. Its highest level of support came from voters at the Davis Community Church. Its greatest opposition was from Sun City Lincoln, a retirement community in Placer County.

► The region broadly rejected the effort to repeal the death penalty, Prop 62. The most opposition to the measure came from voters at Placer County Fire Station Number 75, located in a rural area west of Lincoln. Its greatest support came from voters at the Davis Library.

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Data source: County elections departments in Yolo, Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties.

Notes: Yolo County is behind the rest of the region when it comes to GIS mapping. Some precinct boundaries in Yolo County may be slightly off. Updated at 1:24 PM on 12/20 to correct percentage of voters for Trump at Thermalands Community Center.

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