Sacramentans reaction to Donald Trump's strong showing as the national results roll in.

See how every Sacramento neighborhood voted in 2016 election

November 9, 2016

The Sacramento region's long streak of backing the national winner in presidential elections is over, according to returns through Wednesday morning.

Hillary Clinton received about 53 percent and Donald Trump received about 40 percent of the region's votes, with the rest of the vote going to third party candidates, preliminary results show.

In other races, Prop 64, the initiative to legalize marijuana, received support from about 52 percent of the region's residents, with 48 percent in opposition.

The region broadly rejected the effort to repeal the death penalty, Prop 62, and voted widely in favor of the effort to speed up executions, Prop 66.

Use this map to see how residents in your neighborhood voted in the presidential election. This map will be updated with other races throughout the day. Press buttons above map to switch between contests.

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Data source: County elections departments in Yolo, Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties.

Notes: El Dorado County precinct level votes not yet available; results shown for El Dorado are for entire county. Precinct boundaries simplified slightly to decrease map load time. Yolo County is behind the rest of the region when it comes to GIS mapping. Some precinct boundaries in Yolo County may be slightly off.

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