Meet the Sacramento Zoo’s baby Wolf’s guenon

A newborn Wolf’s guenon is now on display at the Sacramento Zoo, and can be seen gnawing on broccoli and playing in his enclosure with his parents, Mimi and Eddie, and older sister, Zuri.

The unnamed monkey has been nicknamed “Ollie” by zookeepers. He has been on exhibit since he was born on June 6.

Wolf’s guenons are a group of African primates that are rarely seen in captivity — only about 30 are in human care worldwide.

“There’s only a handful of zoos that have this particular species of monkey… every birth is a big deal,” said Andrea Haverland, the primary primate keeper.

According to the zoo’s website, the Wolf’s guenon species are deemed “vulnerable to endangerment.” The species is named for Ludwig Wolf, a German who first described the monkeys.

A baby Wolf’s guenon died at the zoo in January from a respiratory infection.

Watch the video to see the baby Wolf’s guenon.