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Police say man killed by Yuba County deputies grabbed and fired officer’s gun

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department released details Wednesday in this week’s officer-involved shooting that left one man dead, saying that he attempted to take a deputy’s gun.

Jahmal Derrick Stewart, 45, described by the sheriff’s department as a “transient in the Marysville area” was shot and killed Monday when deputies responded to an assault on an elderly man.

Around 3:30 p.m., a deputy arrived at the 1400 block of North Beale Road in Linda on a robbery and assault call to find Stewart walking from the scene of the crime, according to a news release issued by the sheriff’s department.

The responding deputy believed Stewart matched the description of the assault suspect and he asked Stewart to remove his hand from his pocket so he could pat him down for weapons, according to the release.

The person who assaulted the victim was reported to have used a weapon and taken the victim’s cane away from him.

When the deputy began his pat down, Stewart attempted to flee. The deputy tried to put him in a hold and Stewart grabbed his holstered firearm, according to the release.

The deputy then took Stewart to the ground. Stewart tried to remove the holstered gun. Stewart was “much bigger in physical stature” then the deputy, according to the release.

Witnesses corroborate a struggle between the two in which Stewart was trying to grab the deputy’s gun, according to the release.

A second deputy arrived as the two men continued to struggle. The second deputy heard the first say, “he’s got my gun,” and they both heard a gunshot come from the first deputy’s gun, according to the release.

“Due to the type of holsters carried by our deputies, a duty weapon will not fire when fully holstered; leading us to believe that the suspect had successfully taken the weapon far enough out of the holster for the duty weapon to fire,” the release said.

The second deputy then fired three to five shot from a distance of a few feet, killing Stewart, according to the release.

Stewart was wanted on a Sacramento felony no-bail warrant and was on postrelease community supervision for weapons violations. He had previously been convicted on felony charges with a history of child abuse, domestic violence and aggravated assault, and had been arrested multiple times for battery on officers and resisting arrest, according to the release.

Stewart’s autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, and will include the number of bullets that hit him and toxicology results. The two deputies, who have served 16 and three years as officers, are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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