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Sacramento County DA making a name for groundbreaking DNA investigations

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and her investigative partners are breaking new ground by the month, using DNA-sleuthing to solve old crimes.

Suspected serial rapist Mark Manteuffel’s arrest last Friday marked the third time in 14 months that local law enforcement officials have used DNA matches from publicly available ancestry companies to solve decades-old violent crimes.

FBI investigators, acting on a tip from Sacramento law enforcement, got Manteuffel’s DNA from an undisclosed item he left behind at a restaurant, Sacramento Police Department Chief Daniel Hahn said at a press conference Monday.

Schubert’s office had identified him as a suspect through a genealogical website similar to that used in two other arrests, one of which merited the “DNA Hit of the Year” award from Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs.

The list of recent arrests represents a who’s who of major sexual-assault crime solving:

Who: Mark Jeffrey Manteuffel

Arrested: June 2019

Alias: John Doe

Alleged crimes: Believed to have raped three women in Davis, Sacramento and Sacramento County from 1992-1994.

Investigation: A former Sacramento State student and lecturer who went on to a career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Manteuffel was arrested in Decauter, Ga., after investigators recovered his DNA from a restaurant.

Who: Joseph James DeAngelo, 72

Arrested: April 2018

Alias: East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer,

Alleged crimes: Believed to have committed 13 murders, 50 or more rapes, and numerous burglaries in Sacramento, Northern California and Southern California from 1974 to 1986.

Investigation: DeAngelo, a Navy veteran and former police officer, was arrested at his Citrus Heights home after investigators linked his DNA to crimes, based on linking DNA a relative of his submitted to a commercial ancestry company.

Who: Roy Charles Waller, 59

Arrested: September 2018

Alias: NorCal Rapist

Alleged crimes: 45 felony counts tied to attacks on nine women between 1991 and 2006 in six counties: Sacramento, Butte, Contra Costa, Solano, Sonoma and Yolo.

Investigation: DNA hits linked him to the series of attacks and led to his arrest at UC Berkeley, where he worked as a safety specialist.

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