South Sacramento County drawbridge open for cars but closed to boats

A south Sacramento County drawbridge that malfunctioned earlier this week is closed indefinitely to boats, but is currently open to motor vehicles on Highway 160, Caltrans said Wednesday in a news release.

The 3 Mile Slough Bridge, south of Rio Vista, closed for about 30 minutes Monday morning with the drawbridge stuck in the up position. Caltrans District 3 reported on Twitter that bridge crews worked successfully to bring it back down.

There is no set schedule yet, but Caltrans plans to perform “emergency repair to the lifting mechanism,” and marine vessels will not be allowed through, with no estimated time of reopening, according to Wednesday’s release.

The nearby Rio Vista Bridge, which runs on Highway 12 about 4 miles north of 3 Mile Slough, faced similar lifting mechanism problems starting in August, requiring multiple rounds of emergency bridge work and nighttime closures.

The Rio Vista Bridge will undergo on-and-off repairs and intermittent one-lane, nighttime closures for the next two or three years while a $37 million repair and preservation project continues, Caltrans said in another news release last month.

Caltrans will do emergency repair work on the Rio Vista Bridge on Highway 12 over the Sacramento River delta. The drawbridge got stuck in the up position on August 9, 2018 and must be manually raised and lowered to allow ships to pass underneath.

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