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AM Alert: What will Jerry Brown do? California’s final bills come due

Rex Babin Cartoon from September 30, 2011.
Rex Babin Cartoon from September 30, 2011. Rex Babin

And now we come to the end of it.

When legislators called it quits in the first hours of September – sang it quits, really – they left Gov. Jerry Brown with a stack of 789 bills covering almost every conceivable policy topic. In the ensuing weeks, Brown has handed down decisions on farmworker pay and tampon taxes and cow emissions and rape prosecutions and funeral benefits and gun permit prices and public bathrooms, to name a few.

If you felt exhausted just reading that, imagine how Brown feels (not to mention the reporters who have to write about this stuff). But he’s almost done: today is the final day for Brown to act. At the start of the day, he had 74 bills on his desk.

Most of the big-ticket items are already signed or vetoed. But we’re still watching measures to toughen sexual assault sentences in response to the Brock Turner case, expand unpaid parental leave and, of course, settle once and for all what California’s state fabric should be.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A student explains why it can be so tough to graduate from California colleges on time.


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WORTH REPEATING: “That’s a joke. Well, the filing date still is a long ways away.”

-- Gov. Jerry Brown, after saying he would run for lieutenant governor in 2018. He made the remark as he stood next to Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, who has a committee to run for the post.

QUEST FOR 2/3: We’ve already told you about Assembly Democrats expanding their election map to try and claim one longtime Republican seat. It’s not the only one. Tomorrow, Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, will be on hand for the campaign kickoff of Democrat Sabrina Cervantes, who is hoping to unseat Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona. It’s an interesting set of dynamics: Rendon’s presence underscores that Assembly Dems believe they can win the 60th Assembly District, where Cervantes and another Democrat claimed a majority of votes in the primary despite Republicans holding a narrow voter registration edge. But Linder has the backing of organized labor, a rarity for a California Republican.

CELEBRATIONS: A pre-emptive happy birthday to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, who turns 43 tomorrow.

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