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Cisneros v. Kim + New podcast! + Feinstein stumps for Women Democrats in Sac

Democratic House candidate Gil Cisneros shares story of winning $266M lottery

Gil Cisneros is running in House District 39, looking to win over voters in an Orange County area that has grown more diverse in recent years. He shares the story of winning a $266 million jackpot from a 2010 lottery.
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Gil Cisneros is running in House District 39, looking to win over voters in an Orange County area that has grown more diverse in recent years. He shares the story of winning a $266 million jackpot from a 2010 lottery.


The odds of Gil Cisneros winning a $266 million Lottery jackpot were astronomically slim. Eight years later, he’s making a safer investment, with a 50/50 shot for a trip to Congress.

The Democrat running in House District 39 is squaring off against Republican Young Kim, who is looking to keep Ed Royce’s seat in Republican hands.

There’s been limited credible polling in this race, but the information that has come out shows the candidates in a dead heat. Young people, Asians and Latinos will play a major role in determining who wins.

According to Fred Whitaker, head of the Orange County GOP, Kim is in good shape.

“Certainly, demographics can be a challenge,” Whitaker said. “But I think if you look at Congressional District 39, the Republican Party’s meeting the challenge well. That district, in 2012, was a predominantly-Anglo district. Now, it’s 34 percent Latino, 32 percent Asian and 28 percent Anglo — yet we as Republicans still have a 1.7 percent registration advantage.”

Kim herself told The Bee after a rally last week that the race will come down to the wire. Asked what the difference between winning and losing will be, she replied, “One vote. Everybody has to go out and vote. I could lose by one vote, but I could win by one vote. Every vote counts.”

Kim added that her Korean background and bid to become the first Asian-American Republican woman in the House excites the Asian voters in the area.

As for Cisneros, he will need a strong showing from young voters and Latinos. He insists he has a wide spectrum of support.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to,” he said. “Whether I’m talking to Latinos or I’m talking to Asians or I’m talking to Anglos, for me, it’s all the same. It’s about education… healthcare… protecting social security and Medicare.”

District Lines: Northwest Orange County covering Fullerton, Yorba Linda and La Habra

Money: As of Oct. 17, Kim had received more campaign money through individual contributions than Cisneros. She got $2.1 million, compared to Cisneros’s $1.9 million.

Fun Fact: The Bee interviewed 11 students from Cal State Fullerton. Only one of them said they weren’t planning to vote in the election.


We’re back this week with a special edition of California Nation. We also have a revamped web page where you can listen to all our past episodes. Today, we go on the ground and visit Orange County to preview some key congressional fights.


In what could become another year of the woman, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is hitting the campaign trail — and not just for her own re-election efforts. At 12:30 p.m. today, Feinstein is speaking at the 65th anniversary luncheon for Women Democrats of Sacramento County. She’ll chime in on both statewide and national issues. The event will be held at Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.


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What’s at stake in the upcoming midterms? Influencers have plenty to say.

“One of the most important responsibilities the President has is to make judicial appointments, particularly the Supreme Court. For this administration it is extremely important for Republicans to maintain control of the Senate to aid in the confirmation process. The House is equally as important for Republicans to keep their majority in order to effectively move their legislative agenda. Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the additional 13 Congressional seats are important for California to hold as well, so that California citizens interests are represented. If Lt, Governor Gavin Newsom is elected, the most important issue for voters is to return California Senators and Assembly members to office. That action will prevent the Democrats from securing a 2/3 majority vote.”

—Linda Ackerman, President, Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series

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Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra insists birthright citizenship is well established by the courts, Congress and the Constitution. He disputes President Trump’s suggestions that immigrants come to the United States to take rather than give.

Dan Walters of CALmatters believes California’s new law ending cash bail will likely be suspended. Faced with extinction, the bail industry will spend heavily to kill the legislation, according to Walters.


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