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California voters won't give Trump a break

California voters gave President Donald Trump a 31 percent approval rating in a new UC Berkeley IGS poll released on Monday, April 30, 2018. A majority of voters believe Robert Mueller's probe of Russian election interference should continue.

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Jerry Brown says U.S. can’t ‘go rogue’ on climate change, while lawmakers blast Donald Trump

Gov. Jerry Brown, unveiling his nominee for attorney general, Rep. Xavier Becerra, on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, was cautious in his remarks about President-elect Donald Trump on issues including climate change, immigration and health care. Brown’s pragmatic positioning contrasted with his Democratic colleagues, some of whom promised to counter Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress every step of the way.


Trump voters say they’re doing fine but government is lying about economy’s health

There’s a disconnect between economic data suggesting a good and growing economy, and a groundswell of voters who think those numbers are rigged. Interviews with several dozen voters in Western Pennsylvania who support Republican Donald Trump reveal a deeply held distrust of government statistics and programs, a fear that their own relative prosperity is threatened and the strong sense that change is critical in the White House.

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Trump won't prosecute Clinton

President-elect Donald Trump played politics when he decided whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent. But prosecutors at the Justice Department are supposed to make decisions free from the pressure of the White House.