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Letters: Congress, McClintock, Flynn, Trump press conference, jail Hillary

President Donald Trump calls on members of the press during his combative news conference Thursday.
President Donald Trump calls on members of the press during his combative news conference Thursday. The Associated Press

About those town halls

Re “Republicans run from constituents,” (Viewpoints, Feb. 16): It’s hard for an independent voter like me to feel sorry for Republican members of Congress who’ve suddenly been forced into the position of defending the actions of the House.

In the past we’ve been able to look in the other direction when off-the-wall proposals were brought forward in Congress, knowing that a rational president or Senate would keep the craziest from becoming law. With Donald Trump, that’s no longer true.

The country suddenly depends on critical thinking and review within the House. We are asking more of our representatives and not getting it, and the anger at meetings like Rep. Tom McClintock’s is the result. Next year’s House elections can’t come soon enough.

Scott Stingel, Groveland

Name-calling won’t work

Re “McClintock felt peril at meeting, but police chief saw it differently” (Marcos Breton, Insight, Feb. 15): Rep. Tom McClintock is at it again with the childish but successful Trump strategy, name-calling. Calling local citizens anarchists and claiming they were trying to ignite another civil war? Sorry, Tom, many of these were good, caring local citizens from Sun City Lincoln Hills.

So Tom, what do you call a person who steals your health care, steals your tax dollars from public schools and gives them to church school vouchers, and steals your right to vote by destroying the Voting Rights Act? A thief. Name-calling works both ways.

Richard Kuechle, Lincoln

Where’s the expertise?

Re “Flynn resigns as national security adviser to Trump” (Page 10A, Feb. 14): The skinny on candidate Trump was that once in the White House, he would surround himself with experts, since he had no experience running a government.

Let´s see what company he has kept recently: Paul Manafort, resigned under allegations of ties to Russia. Michael Flynn, resigned under allegations of ties to Russia. Steve Bannon, unknown relationship with white supremacy groups through Breitbart News.

Betsy DeVos, no experience with education. Jeff Sessions, questionable record on civil rights. Ben Carson, no experience with government, no experience with urban development. Kellyanne Conway, investigated for possible ethics violation.

Hard to see where the experts will come from.

Robert Blake, Davis

Untruth and consequences

The trail of lies that apparently cost Michael Flynn his job as national security adviser is the latest in what can only be described as a virus-like spread of untruths and misstatements in the Trump administration.

Disregard for the truth and disrespect for those in the media who seek and report it has become a constant for the president and some of his closest advisers.

President Donald Trump’s claim that the media is “dishonest” is aimed at convincing us that his lies and distortions are to be believed and criticism and factual reports to the contrary are to be disregarded.

This very disturbing development on Flynn would not have surfaced had it not been for probing, persistent, fact-seeking reportage aided by sources who refused to countenance irresponsibility and subterfuge.

Robert Irelan, Rancho Murieta

Media should have walked out

It was extremely hard to watch the embarrassing spectacle that was presented by the president, again, as a “so-called” press conference. The entire White House press corps sat through verbal abuse, ranting, raving and finger wagging by a barely composed Donald Trump.

Why aren’t these reporters getting up, en masse, and walking out of the room? Why give this man a stage for his pathological rages? It is dangerous, delusional and extremely sad to see so many of the best and brightest of our reporters sitting through the harangue like extras to the side show.

Virginia A Simpkins, Penn Valley

Don’t impeach Trump, jail Hillary

Re “Impeach Trump and Pence” (Letters, Feb. 16): Obama performed much worse than Trump, and conservatives didn’t call for his impeachment. When a conservative’s candidate loses, he or she complains, but then goes on with their lives.

Why do liberals feel that their opinions are the only sane opinions, and that they alone know what’s best for the country?

Trump is far from perfect, but he is light years better than Hillary Clinton.

Ron Niemi, El Dorado Hills


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