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Counting kangaroos, carbon fee, bike lanes, airplanes, pacifism and Trump

Kangaroo count is seriously flawed

Re “California should allow kangaroo products” (Another View, Sept. 8): Australia’s ambassador, Kim Beazley, tried to spin readers on the way kangaroo populations are shot “humanely.” He asked for an appeal to scientific evidence. The scientific evidence is that our government’s count of kangaroos is seriously flawed.

Original government survey data show kangaroos are in decline. However, quota reports are funded by a kangaroo-killing industry that inflates population figures.

What’s more, the Australian government he represents has paid an undeclared $143,000 to lobbyists to stop an upcoming California ban of imported products made from kangaroos.

The Bee’s editorial board may not “cast judgment on the stalking, slaughter, gutting, skinning and sale of kangaroos,” as it wrote on Sept. 1, but The Bee’s readers should (and I do). Beazley’s request for an appeal to scientific evidence deserves a proper fact check.

Helen Bergen,

Bathurst, Australia

With setback, look at a carbon fee

Re “Major setback for climate agenda” (Page 1A, Sept. 10): The oil companies won this round. Their high-pressure lobbying put an end to the governor’s plan for a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use in motor vehicles by 2030 as part of Senate Bill 350. But remember, this was only Round One. As the climate crisis grows worse, you can expect to see more greenhouse gas regulations proposed.

A gradually escalating carbon fee and dividend enacted on the federal level, with all the money collected returned to American households, will dramatically shrink greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate the economy and put California business and consumers on a level playing field – while reducing the need for tougher regulations in years to come.

The carbon fee and dividend is a revenue-neutral proposal that deserves a hard look by Republicans, Democrats and California business leaders. It’s the market-based climate change solution that pays you back.

Mark Aulman, Woodland

Share the road, sidewalks

Re “Sidewalk cycling ban pondered” (Local, Sept. 9): I spend a great deal of time as a pedestrian, cyclist and motorist in downtown and midtown. Although the people trying to craft new bike rules may have good intentions, new rules will solve nothing without adequate bike lanes.

The reason cyclists ride on the sidewalk is to avoid cars. A much more reasonable fix would be a stated bicycle speed limit on sidewalks, with a clear statement that pedestrians have the right of way. This would ensure a safer environment for everyone until bicycle lanes can be established.

Colleen Yates, Sacramento

Prepare for sneezing on planes

Re “Please pet the dogs to relieve your stress during airport delays” (Local, Sept. 10): Can we have hypoallergenic dogs for people to pet at the airport if they’re stressed? Or how about meditation rooms? I’m going to sneeze the whole plane ride if a bunch of people are touching dogs and everything else all day, every day at the airport.

Brian O’Hara, Sacramento

Would they support pacifism?

Re “Huckabee, Cruz hypocrites?” (Letters, Sept. 10): I wonder how Mike Huckabee and Sen. Ted Cruz would respond if a government employee who was a Quaker refused to issue gun licenses because of her pacifist religious beliefs?

Susan Brown, Davis

About Trump’s military status

Re “Trump likens school to military” (Page 9A, Sept. 9): Donald Trump’s statement that he felt that he was in the military because of his education at a military-themed boarding school is like me saying I felt like a real estate developer because I mow my lawn.

Rodolfo Martinez,

Rio Linda


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