‘This was a firefight and it was an extensive one.’ Sheriff details day deputy was killed

The suspect in the Monday shooting of two Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies chased after one of them to fire a fatal shot in his head before circling back in an attempt to ambush the second deputy, Sheriff Scott Jones said Friday.

Jones detailed the chaotic shooting in a press conference Friday afternoon, calling the deputies’ actions heroic during a firefight that began inside a Pep Boys Auto Parts store in Rancho Cordova and ended after a chase into a parking lot a few hundred feet away.

Jones said the incident started with a call Monday afternoon about an irate customer who was threatening employees, pacing around the store and knocking items off of displays.

The two deputies, Mark Stasyuk, 27, and Julie Robertson, 28, responded to the call but were unaware the suspect, Anton Lemon Moore, was armed. He was with a female companion who was not involved in the incident, Jones said.

Deputies entered the store and told Moore they needed to speak with him. Instead of complying, Moore fled around a chest-high counter and drew his gun. Within 10 seconds of their arrival, Moore allegedly opened fire, Jones said.

Moore first shot a store employee in the back, Jones said. That clerk fell to the ground and along with a co-worker attempted to crawl to safety.

Stasyuk moved to block the main door while Robertson tried to circle around the counter to close the gap between her and Moore. Moore immediately fired on Stasyuk. The deputy tried to move outside to take cover.

Moore followed Stasyuk out the door and continued to fire at the deputy’s back, Jones said. Stasyuk was struck once in his back and again in the back of his head. Stasyuk likely died instantly from the second shot.

Robertson continued to exchange fire with Moore from inside the store, through large plate glass windows along its front. Moore fled around the corner of the building, and she lost sight of him.

“This was a firefight and it was an extensive one,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull, a homicide detective taking the lead on the case.

Robertson had been shot in the arm during the first volley of fire, but she reloaded her gun and called the shooting into dispatch despite her injury.

Moore circled back through a service entrance and moved down a narrow hallway back into the main part of the store in an attempt to ambush Robertson, Jones said.


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Robertson and Moore again exchanged shots in that narrow hallway, Jones said, with Robertson positioning herself between the store employees and Moore.

“She chose to place herself in a place of danger between the suspect and those clerks to keep them as safe as she possibly could,” said Jones.

Robertson likely struck Moore once in the lower body before he fled out of the store, Jones said.

“He was the aggressor,” Turnbull said. “He was going to come back and try to kill her. There was nobody safe in that store.”

Robertson attempted to give Stasyuk medical aid. Moore fled to a nearby parking lot, pursued by other responding deputies. There, Moore fired on them, and the deputies returned fire. Moore was struck in the upper body and collapsed.

Officers used a vehicle as a shield to approach him. Moore was still non-compliant, but officers were able to take him into custody.

Robertson was released from the hospital Tuesday, along with a store employee who was shot in the back. Moore remains hospitalized and has not yet been charged.

Thursday, Pep Boys employees were back on site as workers replaced tiles inside the store and large panes of glass that had broken during the gunfire.

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