Water & Drought

If flooding threat increases, this information could help you make the right moves

The immediate drama of Sunday night’s frightening near-miss at Oroville Dam has subsided somewhat, but remaining is the specter of potential flooding and repeated displacement of downstream residents whose communities could be flooded if dam repairs fail.

With that in mind, here is information that could prove useful.


▪  Here’s where you can sign up for Sacramento County emergency alerts


▪  What if you needed to evacuate? 5 things to do to prepare

▪  Oroville Dam: Chico fairgrounds, Cal Expo remain open to evacuees as shelters close

▪  Showery conditions until heavy rain returns to Sacramento, Sierra foothills on Monday

▪  How full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers?

▪  Trump administration OKs Jerry Brown’s disaster requests

▪  Oroville Dam evacuation underscores challenge of moving masses

▪  Crews continue emergency spillway work while rain hits Lake Oroville area

LIVE TRAFFIC: Real-time reports from Sacramento-area highways


Ordered to evacuate? It’s best to know how to prepare, what to take and how to move out safety.

▪  Getting yourself and your family out safely

Pets can be a huge concern when people are scrambling to get out of their homes quickly. Knowing what your animals need when things go sideways is important.

▪  Disaster preparedness for pets

▪  Pet and animal emergency planning

Sometimes sandbags can hold back water that otherwise would cause big problems. Knowing how to fill and use them is important.

▪  Comprehensive instruction for using sandbags

▪  Quick take on filling, placing sandbags

If you must leave your home, make sure it is locked and secure so when you return, it’s to the same contents you originally left.

▪  Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department: Lock crime out of your home

▪  Home security checklist

Don’t let your plants drink too much

▪  How to save water-wise plants from too much rain