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Feel that cold spell? Sacramento sets second record low in less than a week

It’s not your imagination. It has been exceptionally cold the past few days in Sacramento, a fact punctuated by a new record low Wednesday.

Temperatures at Sacramento Executive Airport dropped to 42 degrees Fahrenheit in the early morning hours, surpassing the old record of 43 degrees set in 1971.

In less than a week, Sacramento has set two record lows. On Sunday, both downtown Sacramento and the airport set record lows of 45 and 46 degrees respectively.

So why the cold snap?

“We’ve had essentially a trough of low pressure,” National Weather Service forecaster Cory Mueller said.

This low pressure system was responsible for this weekend’s snow and storms, Mueller said, and it also swept a mass of cold air into the Sacramento area.

But if you’re enjoying the chilly weather, don’t get your hopes up.

Mueller said although slightly cooler weather might persist Wednesday and Thursday night, temperatures are expected to rise.

Wednesday night’s predicted low is a brisk 48 degrees, followed by 47 degrees Thursday, 51 degrees Friday, 54 degrees Saturday and 56 degrees Sunday.

The warming trend may continue into next week, Mueller said, and no rain or snow has been forecast.

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