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Game review: ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ (Nintendo Switch), buried treasure

When "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker" first released on Wii U back in 2014, it represented something wildly different for Nintendo's Mario universe. It's a world that had been predicated on jumping, platforming, and stomping on enemies. But Nintendo presented themselves with the challenge of setting a game in this world without many of those bedrocks. The result was a unique puzzle game starring Super Mario 3D World breakout character Captain Toad, a game that proved to be one of the best games on Nintendo's fledgling console.


Parents @ Play: The art of science meets the science of art

Anyone who loves – or even just appreciates – science will tell you that there's something beautiful about it. At the same time, those who love – or even just appreciate – art, often admire the technique and scientific precision that can go into creating a masterpiece. This week we had a chance to experience several engaging products that blur the lines between art and science.


Open arms, full house

Lexie is relaxing in her mama's lap when a nurse arrives and leads them to the second floor of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and eventually to Room 16.


Steve & Mia advise a woman torn between two lovers

Me and this guy I've been seeing are not sexually monogamous but me and him have been together for about a year. Here's my situation: I've been catching feelings with another guy I hook up with sometimes and don't know if I should tell my boyfriend or just let it ride since we are not exclusive anyway. I don't want to lose him.


Ex-etiquette: Sharing a bed

Q: I'm wondering exactly how to handle this situation and I thought you might be able to help. My husband dies unexpectedly in a car accident three years ago. I have a daughter who is now 4. Since it's been just she and me, we often sleep together. It was a difficult transition for both of us when her daddy died. I've recently met someone I really like – which I thought would never happen, but it did. I'd like him to sleep over, but it's difficult to get my daughter out of my bed. What's good ex-etiquette?


Accessing ‘Pooh’

My daughter, recently moved away for a job across the country, asked me to locate a specific book from the shelf in her still intact childhood bedroom and mail it to her.


Lori Borgman: We do because we can

Our son sent a video of their 17-month-old daughter climbing on a stool in front of the bathroom vanity, hoisting her arms onto the countertop, holding her entire body weight up with her chubby legs dangling above the stepstool. She turned on the tap, leaned in and got a drink. Then, still holding her body weight with arms, she swung one leg into the sink and held her foot under the stream of running water.


Living with Children: Potty training

"Potty training is a nightmare." So begins advice from Meghan Leahy, advice columnist for The Washington Post. More accurately, potty training has, of late, BECOME a nightmare, thanks to advice of the sort Ms. Leahy dishes. Her approach? Do nothing. The child will eventually use the potty on his own. That may be true, but what Leahy fails to add is "after the child's mother has had a nervous breakdown."

Taiko Drummers perform at the Japanese Cultural and Food Bazaar

Taiko Drummers perform at this year's Japanese Cultural and Food Bazaar at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento, Saturday, August 11, 2018.