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As for beauty and fragrance, the rambler comes up roses

The rose lends itself to plant breeding as willingly as its cousin the apple, and gardeners have been trying to find the next perfect rose for centuries. In recent years this tinkering has reached a new pitch as breeders, growers and nurseries have frantically sought to reinvent the rose and reshape its image as a sickly and fussy plant.

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Small pieces take on weighty topics at multimedia JayJay show

Polemics in art, like polemics in literature, often result in well-meaning works that fail to move us as deeply as art that speaks directly from the artist's subconscious to the viewer's. Such is the case with some of the works addressing the #Time's Up, #Me Too, #We Said Enough movements in a show of small works about big issues at JayJay.

This dog just wants to play fetch, delays minor league baseball game

It was dog night at the Tulsa Drillers baseball game, and one pup had a little too much fun. The dog broke away from the pack, running onto the field and causing a delay.